Vastu Vista is a small DESIGN studio.

Ar. Vinay Prakash Shrivastava

Ar. Vishvesh J Joshi

Ms. Surbhi Shrivastava
Design Head

Er. Sadiq Siddiqui
Design Drawing Manager

Ar. Sapna Goel
Ar. Hitendra Kansotia

Mr. Rahul Bajaj

Er. Arun Chourasia
Er. Brijesh Vishwakarma
Er. Ravi Shailendra
Er. C P Singh

Ms. Shobha Kinkar
Ms. Juhi Pandit

For last fifteen years we have been working as architects and planners in Central India. We have been dealing with various architectural design projects of various scales. The favourite being those with synchronization of services. The challenge for the experts is to coordinate within limited time within limitations for rightful design development. This is further crucial with change in requirements and hampers design drawing delivery. The time commitment becomes another serious issue with delays in project. A customised working system and customised virtual platform resolves such crossroads for benefit of the project.

In place of phone calls, consultants prefer Emails.