It is not possible to quote any design philosophy or approach towards the proposed project unless we study and think. We have to innovate and refer to strategies applied in other project to set the approach. We all design with numerous challenges and issues identified, to resolve with simple workable strategies to be coined as methodology adopted, which is always case to case.

We are a group of technical consultants with experience and excellent profiles and are managing work professionally. Vastu vista is a very small sized office and has a limited capacity of work in terms of projects at a given time. Consultants are employees and few are associates and form team in a specific combination as per nature of the project. We have project viability tools, architects, interior designers, structural designers, planners, environmental planners, landscapist, artists, branding consultants and an elaborate project management cell. There are three stages of engaging us in your job. Vastu Vista provides consultancy services in field of architecture in accordance with norms and in coordination with teams involved, also including project viability, analysis of the design, project management and branding. It creates a responsible system in creative work environment.


Highlighting design by colour and massing , now a landmark amongst row of several but mutually camouflaged medical services. Counter weight profile development for one side tilting buildings because of poor soil condition and step profile of the land and slender building section. Highlighting by colour, red, Highlighting tilt portal design in fabricated mild steel, by function, to make a landmark. Layout design pops up from specific requirements of Design Intelligence for optimisation of efficiency and operations of the process involved.


A multi-specialty tertiary care hospital built as per global standards and spread across 3 acres in Thane, a 325-bed hospital with various specialties spread across seven storeys. Jupiter Hospital is one of the select few healthcare facilities in India that have a hotel attached. In fact, the hotel wing can be accessed directly from the hospital at the ground level and several other upper floors. At the terrace it has the the fitness centre with a swimming pool and other facilities like gym and aerobics for Rehabilitation & Wellness & leisure, designed by Architect Vinay Shrivastava, Vastu Vista.


A brown field project. Conserving the trees and the historic temple, without functional compromise. Another large scale extension to an existing Hospital Project. Didn’t redefine styling, merged the old with the new to make it one.


The site was a challenge in design and execution and coordination in requirements & existing hospital. A maternity wing with 100 plus beds near SNCU was planned and it engaged the most pending coordination of the hospital complex. Finally it came out to be a perfect symphony in terms of needs of the ever increasing patient requirements and also with a perfect set of combination of services and spaces in maternity and paediatric wings.


A Model for Medical Services planned in a way to provide Medical Services and be pleasant in its expression in its architectural design, with following aspects : The Patient flow and ease is the Key Performance Indicator. Technical Aspects of the Medical Treatment as per the latest technology and provisional arrangements to be used. Efficiency of Building and Medical Services and system flow is very important. Compliance to the standards.

Medical Services,
Health Schemes,
Maintenance Procedures and
Building and Building Services.
Human Approach is the key to Architectural Design. Hospital patients are often fearful and confused and these feelings may impede recovery. Every effort should be made to make the hospital stay as unthreatening, comfortable, and stress-free as possible. For patients as well as caregivers, these are more than issues of convenience. Many of the patients who, due to their frustration at the long wait, leave a hospital without being seen by a physician do indeed need immediate medical care. Overworked health professionals are more prone to error, and a crowded Hospital is more likely to experience high turnover and vacancy rates. Long delays and overextended staffing are recipes for low quality, error, and poor morale. A Model for Medical Services needs to be planned in a way to provide Medical Services and be pleasant in its expression in its architectural design.